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Sports Conditioning

How can I train specifically for my sport?


Every elite athlete knows the importance of conditioning, however, not enough take advantage
of what we call Sports “Specific” Conditioning programs. This is process of developing a
training regiment to work the athlete’s body in a manner most productive to his or her sport.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you will make drastic improvements in your level of athleticism, skill, strength, power, and overall ability by implementing an Epic Fitness Sports Specific training program.

For example a hockey player will be trained by our fitness professionals in a different manner
than a baseball player. The rigorous weight training program would emphasize the legs, abs,
lower back, and shoulders as well as include an extensive syllabus of dry land training
consisting of sprints, hops, lunges, agility drills, etc. while a baseball session would focus on anaerobic speed, rotational power, and rotator cuff stabilization.

Epic Fitness specializes in training athletes in the following sports:

You may be training harder and be more dedicated than your opponent, but without the proper
regiment you will be cheating yourself of power and speed than can only be achieved with
Sports Specific Conditioning. “Train smarter, not harder” with the Epic Fitness Sports Conditioning.