Resident Training

The “Resident Wellness” program is offered exclusively for residents of our luxury housing communities.

The Epic Fitness team provides on-site personal training, yoga, group fitness classes, and massage therapy services to residents.

By training in your own building you will save both time and money while still receiving the top notch service and experience that comes with Epic Fitness personal training services.


Save time

Say goodbye to:

  • Driving to the gym
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Find a parking spot
  • Dirty/sweaty equipment
  • Locker room showers
  • Not seeing results!

See how Lisa saves 6 hours per week by training at her luxury housing community!

Resident Fitness by the numbers…

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Available Resident Training Programs

(Fitness Class)

Focus on mindfulness, balance, coordination, and flexibility

(Fitness Class)

Stabilizing, strengthening and stretching exercises to improve core strength, flexibility and mobility

Fitness Bootcamp
(Fitness Class)

Circuit type group fitness class with several stations and a wide variety of movements. Resistance and cardiovascular training

Glute Clinic
(Fitness Class)

Mostly focusing on the glute (butt) muscles, and developing the glute/hamstring “tie-in”

Ropes and Core
(Fitness Class)

Battling ropes for upper body and mat work for abdominal and lower back

(Body Building)

Body “sculpting/strength” class, targeting 3 muscle groups, 20 minutes each

(Fitness Class)

Combination of Yoga and Pilates

Self-defense Class
(Lecture and Practical Application)

Marine Corps Martial Arts applied to civilian self-defense

Self Massage and Foam Rolling Class

How to use a lacrosse ball and foam roller to relieve stress, increase mobility and speed recovery

Nutrition Lectures

Typically catered by a local restaurant—20 tips for healthy eating

Healthy Cooking Class
(Cooking Class)

On-site cooking, blending, juicing class, or “Healthy Happy Hour

Massage Therapy

On-site table or chair massage days for residents

Off-site Events

Hiking, runs/race team organization, rock climbing, biking, etc.


  • The in home training program with Epic Fitness allowed me to continue working out almost immediately after having my child. I was able to workout in my own living room and shed the baby weight twice as fast as my first pregnancy.

  • As a social golfer I had wanted to improve my game enough to not embarrass myself on the course with business associates. Epic Fitness helped me increase my drive through golf specific core and rotational training, and movements that improved my flexibility and range of motion. I’ve been extremely happy with my results.

  • My trainer at Epic Fitness was incredibly motivated and made each workout intense and fun, my results have been incredible and I couldn’t be happier!

  • I spent almost 2 years training at LA fitness before coming across Kyle and Epic Fitness personal training. After a week with Epic Fitness I realized I had been wasting so much time traveling to the gym to work with inexperienced trainers. My friend Gina and I train together three days a week in her living room and every session is completely different. The cardio boxing workouts are my favorite!

  • With Epic Fitness you always know what to expect: professional, organized, and always thinking ahead. Their standards are high and they always have their client’s best interest in mind.

    Jaime B.
  • I recently worked with Jessica and mike at epic fitness with hour long training sessions. I was skeptical at first because I have been an avid workout and gym goer for many years now and didn’t believe id see results or new workouts. I was wrong. Jessica pushed me every session further than I ever did on my own. She showed me unique workouts I had never seen before that I now do consistently. She helped me build up my core muscles which I had neglected too much in the past. Mike was brought in as a change of pace and he was excellent to work with as well.

    I would recommend epic fitness to anyone interested in getting in better shape regardless of your previous workout experience.

    Joe C
  • I’ve been extremely satisfied with the results I’ve seen in using Epic Fitness, specifically Jessica, for personal training services. When I found out that the Grigio was offering a perk that allowed personal trainers to come train me in the gym at the apartment, I jumped at the opportunity.

    I was hopeful that I would have better results than I had in the past using trainers at places like Pure Fitness & LA Fitness where they seemed to have a “one size fits all” training method.  Jessica not only listened to what my goals were but has tailored our workouts to specifically target my goals. As a result, I lost nearly 6% body fat in 4 months and continue to gain strength and drop the fat! To say that I am happy using Epic Fitness is an understatement!!”

  • No matter what your fitness level, Epic Fitness trainers work with you to create the most optimal work-out routine!… I really like being challenged but not aggressively pushed. I like that they never make me feel guilty for my fitness level and the trainers are very accepting and personable in the best ways.

    Sam S.
  • I have been very happy training with Jessica at Grigio Tempe Town Lake! Jessica is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I learn something new every time we train together! She is an expert on varying workouts in order to keep training challenging and to increase results. Her list of exercises seems endless! She answers all of my questions about fitness and nutrition drawing on her education and experience. Jessica is extremely personable and easy to get along with; our hour time together seems to go by quickly!

    My results that I have had are beyond my expectations! I have lost weight and body fat. I am stronger, faster, and more flexible since training with Jessica. I would, without a doubt, recommend Epic Fitness and Jessica to anyone looking to get fit or change up their current workout routines. I am so grateful to Jessica for all of the work and care she puts into every workout!”


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