Resident Training

The “Resident Wellness” program is offered exclusively for residents of our luxury housing communities.

The Epic Fitness team provides on-site personal training, yoga, group fitness classes, and massage therapy services to residents.

By training in your own building you will save both time and money while still receiving the top notch service and experience that comes with Epic Fitness personal training services.


Save time

Say goodbye to:

  • Driving to the gym
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Find a parking spot
  • Dirty/sweaty equipment
  • Locker room showers
  • Not seeing results!

See how Lisa saves 6 hours per week by training at her luxury housing community!

Resident Fitness by the numbers…

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Available Resident Training Programs

(Fitness Class)

Focus on mindfulness, balance, coordination, and flexibility

(Fitness Class)

Stabilizing, strengthening and stretching exercises to improve core strength, flexibility and mobility

Fitness Bootcamp
(Fitness Class)

Circuit type group fitness class with several stations and a wide variety of movements. Resistance and cardiovascular training

Glute Clinic
(Fitness Class)

Mostly focusing on the glute (butt) muscles, and developing the glute/hamstring “tie-in”

Ropes and Core
(Fitness Class)

Battling ropes for upper body and mat work for abdominal and lower back

(Body Building)

Body “sculpting/strength” class, targeting 3 muscle groups, 20 minutes each

(Fitness Class)

Combination of Yoga and Pilates

Self-defense Class
(Lecture and Practical Application)

Marine Corps Martial Arts applied to civilian self-defense

Self Massage and Foam Rolling Class

How to use a lacrosse ball and foam roller to relieve stress, increase mobility and speed recovery

Nutrition Lectures

Typically catered by a local restaurant—20 tips for healthy eating

Healthy Cooking Class
(Cooking Class)

On-site cooking, blending, juicing class, or “Healthy Happy Hour

Massage Therapy

On-site table or chair massage days for residents

Off-site Events

Hiking, runs/race team organization, rock climbing, biking, etc.


Train where you live