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One-On-One Training (7th floor)

West 6th Tempe One-on-One Training

Working on an individual basis with an Epic Fitness Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) is the gold standard of personal training services and provides the greatest opportunity for reaching health related goals.

With one-on-one training, a client is paired up with a certified trainer to complete an assessment and set goals for what they’d like to accomplish with their training and nutrition program. The trainer then designs completely customized programming tailored specifically to that client’s unique goals, level of fitness, timeline, etc.

During each unique training session the client can expect to receive 100% of their trainer’s attention, which means better results and a stronger client-trainer relationship.

For West 6th residents interested in reaching their goals as quickly as possible while receiving unparalleled service, the one-on-one personal training is the perfect solution.