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Group Training at West 6th Tempe

Living at West 6th is all about the social atmosphere, so why not train with your friends, family, or co-workers?

Epic Fitness provides Group Training sessions as an alternative to the traditional one-on-one sessions. A Certified Fitness Trainer still provides instruction, program design, and evaluations but instead of being completely individual they are tailored to the group. West 6th Tempe residents may see our trainers providing these sessions in the gym, pool deck, A-mountain, or even Tempe Beach Park.

Group fitness training is a cost-efficient option for those who are interested in working with a trainer and would like to share the experience with friends.

Here are some of the benefits to group training:

  • Motivation – Teaming up with friends or family provides additional motivation during training sessions
  • Accountability – When you know your friends are waiting up there on the 7th floor it’s a lot tougher to hit that snooze button or eat that cookie!
  • Support – With group fitness training you create a peer group that supports each other not only during training sessions, but outside the gym.
  • Save Money – The Epic Fitness group training rates are only slightly more expensive per hour, but this expense is split between the group making training more affordable.
  • Get Closer – Group fitness training is one of the best team building activities for large corporations and for good reason. By exercising together friends, co-workers, and couples can all strengthen their relationships by spending time working toward a healthy goal together.