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In-Home Training

Train in the comfort of your home!



The “In-Home” Training Program is the new alternative to the traditional personal training format which usually revolves around a gym.

Benefits to in-home training:

Save time!

We come to you, so there’s no hassle driving to and from the gym. This saves our clients up to 30 hours per month! We bring all the equipment you’ll need and it’ll only take us one hour to give you a complete body workout.

We keep you motivated!
No need for discipline because we show up on the days you schedule us for ready to work and get you into shape!

No distractions!
The majority of people dislike something about their gym, whether it’s that they are intimidated by the gym
atmosphere, don’t like the music, or hate the smell! When you train in the comfort of your own home,
there’s no one but you and your trainer and you get all of our undivided attention.

A typical In-Home training session for a client wishing to lose weight would follow an agenda similar to the one listed below:

0 – 5 min: Arrival and gear movement

5 – 10 min: Review of previous session, and general assessment. Sleep, nutrition, soreness, energy levels, et.

10 – 15 min: Warm-up and prehabilitation exercises

15 – 40 min: Resistance training

40 – 50 min: Interval or similar metabolic training

50 – 60 min: Cool down and training summary

*This is a generic example of a training session. Each client will have fully customized workouts and agendas for each session.